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The President's Greetings

The `San Jorge´ Association is the Entity which has as fundamental objectives the promotion of the cult and devotion to `San Jorge´, the organization of the Moor and Christian Festivity and the realization of cultural activities which can enrich the inheritance of Alcoy.

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The "San Jorge" Association

The `San Jorge´ Association is responsible for The Moor and Christian Festivity which annually Alcoy celebrates in its `Patrón San Jorge´ honour which was declared `Touristic Interest´ in 1965 and `International Touristic Interest´ in 1980, together with the most important Spanish festivities.
Besides organizing its annual festivity, their fundamental purposes are to promote the cult and devotion to the `Santo Patrón´, as well as to take care of the Temple, and preserve the traditions based on the glorious commemorated efemerides, promoting all that means `festero´ and `alcoyano´ spirit.

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The "San Jorge" Association´s aims

The `San Jorge´Association is the institution, with no profit intention, that looks after its maintenance. It collects the `alcoyanas´ traditions which come from the victory reached in 1276, by mediation of `San jorge´, upon the Mahommedan leader Al – Azraq.

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The "Filaes"

The "Filà" is the true unifying element in Alcoy society. Members are usually linked not only by their identical clothes, but also by bonds of friendship, consanguinity or fraternity regardless of social, economical and cultural aspects. The rules of Saint George Association define the "Filà" as: "an association of people created with the essential aim of participating actively in the Moor and Christian Festivity in honour of Saint George".

The term "Filà" derives from "fila" (line): the line of "Festeros" (participants) parading in one front, side by side, which we currently call squad. The origin of the "Filaes" was the diversification of the two original groups (Moor Christians and Catholic Christians) into many others. This was due to the growing number of participants ("Festeros") who, wearing the same and distinguishable clothes, became autonomous members of their sides.

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The "San Jorge" Association´s organization

The association is composed by the associate members who are people with full capacity to act and they belong to the entity to carry out their aims. The members under fourteen have the consideration of protectors

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Estatuto y de la Asociación de San Jorge y Ordenanza de la Fiesta

There are no translations available.


Puede consultar el Estatuto de la Asociación de San Jorge y la Ordenanza de la Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos en formato PDF pulsando los siguientes enlaces: Estatuto y Ordenanza (textos disponibles únicamente en castellano).

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