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The "San Jorge" Association´s organization

The association is composed by the associate members who are people with full capacity to act and they belong to the entity to carry out their aims. The members under fourteen have the consideration of protectors

The associate members who belong to a `Filà´ to take active part in the Moor and Christian Festivity in honour to `San Jorge´ have the quality of `Festers´.

To its government and administration, the Association is organized in the following parts: A) General Assembly. B) Board of Management. C) Council.

The General Assembly, for the extend of the Association´s aims and the variety of associate members, is their representative and it is composed by the following members:

Group A: with a right to vote:

a)      The elect and born members of the Board of Management.

b)     The first `Trons´.

c)      The `Mayorales´.

Group B: without a right to vote:

a)      Members of appointment of the Board of Directors.

b)     The `festeros´ participants.

c)      The Honorary members.

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board of Directors represents to the `San Jorge´ Association, it is its executive part, and its government and administration lie in it.

THE FIRST `TRONS´: The first `Tro´ has the maximum duties and rights, authority and responsibility. He has the representation of the `Filà´, he coordinates and runs it.

`MAYORALES´: The `Mayorales´, they are 14, represent the Associate Members in the Assembly, and they are elected by universal suffrage direct from all the Associate Members, in accordance with the electoral Regulations.



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