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Association | Social building
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Social building - The "Sant Jordi´s Casal"

In the old part of the town, the ancient `Sant Miquel´ street, shows a beautiful, stately building known as `Merita house´. The origins of the construction of this building dates from the XVll century, but it is the Jordá family who gives it its structure and splendor that it still preserves, whose weapons boast the lintel of the entry.

The building, the head office of `San Jorge´ Association, was purchased in 1954, and after a restoration run by the architect Roque Monllor, it was inaugurated in public in April 1961, naming it as `Casal de Sant Jordi´.

The building is a traditional model of the Àlcoyana´ noble house with a use of framed ashlar in limestone from the country and wrought iron balconies at the front. The semibasement houses the Museum of the `Filà´, a space which recreates an old `filà´, in a style of the social head offices in the XlX century placed mainly in small basements and it is used today as a spare meeting room.

GROUND FLOOR: The wide entry at the beginning of the stairs, with its baroque handrail, with wooden animal and heraldic motives, leads to an entresol, where you can find the entity´s services, such as the Secretariate, The  Presidence´s Office and the Clothing Store.

FIRST FLOOR: The stairs lead to the first floor where you can find the Noble Lounge, the main department of the stately home, which keeps a magnificent home used for a provisional painting showroom that belong to the entity´s patrimonial collection. The Floor has its own toilets and the access to the Assembly´s Boardroom, where the different representatives of the Association´s General Assembly hold their meetings. On the same floor you can find the `Sant Jordi´ lounge, a wide room decorated with pictorial, textile and sculptural motives relative to Georgian subjects. The side wing of the floor is reserved to the Music Room, and the artistic patrimony´s warehouse as well as the historical records and the photograph library.

SECOND FLOOR: Going up the stairs we get to the second floor, where you can find the old Museum of the Festivity before its moving to the final location in the attached building rehabilitated in 2006. The floor preserves the rehabilitation and fitting works made between 1992 and 1993. It takes up a built surface of 400 m2 brought up to date to lodge a new Boardroom, the Costume Store and a Press Room, all of them decorated with a large exhibition of the garments of the different charges and Sant Jordiets´that perform as special hosts for the different activities developed on this floor. The Library is also situated on this level.

On Saturday, the 8th of December, 2012 one came to the benediction and reopening to the public of the museum´s spaces from the Casal of Saint George, as well as from the rooms of major relief of the above mentioned building, which will be able to be visited in the days and foreseen schedules and previous acquisition of the entry to the MAF, provided that the above mentioned activity is contemplated as a gentility that the own Association of San Jorge has with the visitors of the mentioned Museum.



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