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Association | The "Filaes"
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The "Filaes"

The "Filà" is the true unifying element in Alcoy society. Members are usually linked not only by their identical clothes, but also by bonds of friendship, consanguinity or fraternity regardless of social, economical and cultural aspects. The rules of Saint George Association define the "Filà" as: "an association of people created with the essential aim of participating actively in the Moor and Christian Festivity in honour of Saint George".

The term "Filà" derives from "fila" (line): the line of "Festeros" (participants) parading in one front, side by side, which we currently call squad. The origin of the "Filaes" was the diversification of the two original groups (Moor Christians and Catholic Christians) into many others. This was due to the growing number of participants ("Festeros") who, wearing the same and distinguishable clothes, became autonomous members of their sides.

Nowadays, there are 28 "Filaes"; each one has its own premises, also called "Filà". Subsidiary groups of the Association itself can have administrative and economical independence and can take their own decisions concerning the Festivities. Their creation depends on the Association approval. The Association has a board of directors which is its governing body and which is led by the "Primer Tro" (Chairman). This ancient term refers to the supreme command among harquebusiers, who shot first in the battles. The General Assembly, which includes all the "Festeros" members of the "Filà", is the supreme decision-making body.



The Moorish Side "Filaes"
Llana Judíos Domingo Miques
Chano Verdes Magenta Cordón
Ligeros Mudéjares Abencerrajes Marrakesch Realistes Berberiscos Benimerines
The Christian Side "Filaes"
Andaluces Asturianos Cides Labradores
Guzmanes Vascos Mozárabes
Almogávares Navarros Tomasinas Muntanyesos Cruzados Alcodianos Aragonesos




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