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Association | The "San Jorge" association
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The "San Jorge" Association

The `San Jorge´ Association is responsible for The Moor and Christian Festivity which annually Alcoy celebrates in its `Patrón San Jorge´ honour which was declared `Touristic Interest´ in 1965 and `International Touristic Interest´ in 1980, together with the most important Spanish festivities.
Besides organizing its annual festivity, their fundamental purposes are to promote the cult and devotion to the `Santo Patrón´, as well as to take care of the Temple, and preserve the traditions based on the glorious commemorated efemerides, promoting all that means `festero´ and `alcoyano´ spirit.
Under such naming it appears regulated in the year 1883, taking up the spirit and tradition of the `Junta de Devotos del Santo´, so – called in the XVlll century, and that later it would be called `Junta de Directores del Señor San Jorge´, from which the first Certificates and Rules dated in 1839 are kept.
At present it has over 10.000 associated members, which become it the first `alcoyana´entity, whose government and administration are ruled by the `Junta Directiva´ - composed of 25 members, among them, there is a Town Hall representative and the vicar or the ecclesiastic representative, both of them are born members -, and the General Assembly, formed by the `Primers Trons´ or presidents of the 28 `filaes´. The `Mayorales´, which are 14 representing the Associated Members, are chosen by universal suffrage; members of honour and participants in the festivity, up to 120.
In the General Assembly, which is held in an  ordinary session twice a year (January and May – June) the agreements that rule the different acts in the annual holding are adopted.
It was declared Entity of Public Utility by the Ministry of the Interior in January 2000.

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