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The Vicar´s greetings

The San Jorge Association has a priest responsible for the religious and pastoral subjects. In order to carry out his mission the Saint George´s Vicar, as he is colloquially married, relies on the Corps of Mayorales.


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The Saint George´s Church History

After the victory upon the moor attack in 1276, the `alcoyanos´ proclaim `San Jorge´ as a Patron of Alcoy and they promise to build a temple in his honour. We don´t know exactly the date of its construction but we do know by the notarial deed that the temple already existed in 1317, surely built near `San Marcos´ arcade in the ancient wall of the town, the place where the Saint was miraculously seen.


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The Temple

We can´t specify the exact date of the first church dedicated to the Saint Patron, but there are some documents that are evidence of its existence in 1317. Throughout the centuries it suffers some repairing and modifications but its location is always the same, the present one, the one called Saint Mark´s Arcade.

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The fronts of Saint George´s Church

The main front situated in Saint Tomas street, with a neoromantic style, is flanked by two elements towered on both sides and it represents symbolically the door of the Celestial Jerusalem. These towers start in its lower part from the socle completely smooth. The central part is composed by two levels of windows and the upper part with a window with more marked archivolts, letting pass the decoration  of blind small arches which serve as a medium point for the location of three last large windows and the covering of the tower with a sort of cornice.


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The inside of Saint George´s Church

Its Floor as well as the inside of the building present byzantine reminiscences, that´s why its style is neobyzantine. The main entrance is used as a hall and it is formed by a rectangular narthex giving way to the square-shaped main floor where there is an inscribed greek cross ending in three apses. Starting from the socle there are some embedded columns with an ornamental function which hold the dome.


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Saint George´s Blancafort Organ

In 1984, the Board of Directors agrees to give The Temple of the Patron a dowry of an organ and the order was placed to Gabriel Blancafort i Paris. The organ with very special characteristics consists of three bodies: cadereta, major organ and pedal as well as two manual keyboards with 58 notes and several ranges with its pedals, registers and connections. It was opened on 20th April 1984 in order to commemorate the first Centenary of the Festivity Music in Alcoy.


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Masses and Celebrations timetable

Saint George´s church.

Saint Thomas street.

03801 Alcoy.

Phone number +34 965 541 197


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