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Church | Vicar´s greetings
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The Vicar´s greetings

The San Jorge Association has a priest responsible for the religious and pastoral subjects. In order to carry out his mission the Saint George´s Vicar, as he is colloquially married, relies on the Corps of Mayorales.


The Saint George´s patronage as well as the Moor and Christian festivities celebrated in his honour every year, have its constituent origin in the historical event of 23rd April 1276, when the `alcoyanos´, encouraged by Mossén Torregrossa, invoked San Jorge so that he interceded with the protection of the Christian identity of the town.

Because of the importance of such a historical milestone, the Saint George´s patronage as well as the Moor and Christian festivities celebrated in his honour, have some Christian roots that deserve to be taken care of in favour of their own identity.

The present Saint George´s Vicar is in charge of the religious and pastoral dimension of the Association, he attends to the Saint George´s Church and he is also the parish priest of the Nativity of Our Lady, Known in Alcoy as Saint Mary´s Church.

By visiting the Association website, these presentation words also mean a warm greeting to all the Saint George´s devoted and the friends of the Moor and Christian festivities. 

José Luis Llopis Sanchís

Saint George´s Vicar.



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