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Museum (MAF) | The Alcoià Museum of the Festivity (MAF)
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The Alcoià Museum of the Festivity (MAF)

The renewed `Alcoià´ Museum of the Festivity means the most avant-garde contribution of the `San Jorge´ Association to the alive keeping of the traditions and essences of the Moor and Christian Festivity, using the most advanced technologies for that. A didactic , entertaining walk for the memory and history of a town.


The Festivity already had some museum facilities basically centred on the exhibition of the festive charges´ costumes, posters, deposits, photographs, etc. The Board of Directors of the `San Jorge´ Association aware of the limits the old museum imposed, stated in 2003 the need for renewing and modernizing the expounded speech, establishing as the only aim spreading the existence of a reality: The celebration of a festivity in honour of Saint George that in his culminating moment materialize himself in three days, that is, the knowledge of the `Alcoyana´ Trilogy.

Moreover, the museum had to present the human side of the Festivity, identifying not only the actors that star in the historical remembrance (charges and festive characters) but also all those who with their devotion and effort assume the responsibility of taking it out into the street. All the social segments had to be represented in the museum so that the visitor felt that the museum belonged to him, he needed to be seen anyway represented, notice that a part of that patrimony and the discourse about that patrimony have to do with it, with his personal or collective history. All things considered, what was intended was the visitor with his physical stay in the museum not only did he understand a phenomenon unique and original which has given rise to one of the most single festivities that nowadays you can see in the world but it also moved to a sensorial universe the `alcoyanos´ carried out every year during those three festive days. With this purpose the new technology has been incorporated in a massive way. In a civilization controlled by electronic means, the museum visitors don´t resign to walking along the exhibition only looking around, but they look for experiences that commit all the senses and allow to obtain fast, explicit benefits. The desired combination is to learn enjoying. In the `Alcoià´ Museum of the Festivity all of them have been selected so that they can serve as a complement of traditional elements (read garments, photographs, objects…) and not as substitutes, or as a last place, like a simple ´decorative´ granting to the modern technology.

If you want to visit the `Alcoià´ Museum of the Festivity press here.



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