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Saint George | Legend, beleives and Patronages
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Legend, beleives and patronages

In the life and facts of `San Jorge´, the legend and the reality can be the same although seen from different angles. There is no doubt he is Diocleciano´s martyr for professing his faith as well as the legendary gentleman defender of the Christianity.

The Golden Legend relates the martyr as well as the beautiful miracles of the Saint. But, perhaps the thing that has probed deeply into the people all over the world is the legend in which the Saint Gentleman beat the dragon saving the princess from its fauces and Berito city from the terrible beast.

The `alcoyanos´, who describe him as a faithful protector in the hymn dedicated to him as a gratitude for his help that 23rd April 1276 when he gave us our identity, our ancestors named him Patron of the town and promised to build him a temple and celebrate his festivity annually.


But not only have the `alcoyanos´ received the favour of our patron, but he also helped the Christian army in their battles: the crusaders in Antioch and Jerusalem and in Spain he did it in three occasions in favour of the Crown of Aragon, besides the last one that caused the defeat and death of Al-Azraq in front of the Alcoy Walls. He did it in Alcoraz in 1906 helping Pedro l of Aragon; he also intervened in the taking of Majorca when James l conquered it in 1229; the third time was in 1237 in the Puig battle, near Valencia, he helped Bernardo Guillem de Entenza´s troops,  Sir Jame´s uncle.

This way, San Jorge has protected the Christendom in many occasions and that´s why he´s been appointed patron of so many towns, venerated, sung and represented throughout the Christian world.

The admiration and devotion that crusaders had for `San Jorge´ was brought from the East and it was popularized in the West, which gave rise to that the European medieval gentlemen took him as a model and patron. Several incipient nationalities of the old Europe proclaimed him as a patron, thus it was done by Catalonia at the beginning  of the Xlll century, then England and later Georgia, Greece, Aragón, Valencia, Majorca, Portugal, Russia and Lithuania. Besides ancient states such as Hannover, Saxony, Bavaria, Bohemia, Serbia and The Tyrol; and in ancient republics such as Venice, Genoa and Florence; as well as in different cities such as Moscow, Milan, Verona, Venice, Canterbury, Cáceres, Bañeres and Alcoy amongst others.

`San Jorge´, in addition to being a protector of so many orders of Knighthood all over Europe, most of them are disappeared, has also inspired other feeling in believers, being in some countries or regions a protector of harvest, water, armourers, the scout movement and so many others that he was chosen by his youth, genius and nobleness that he inspires.  




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